Frequently asked questions about PlatePlus

Yes. The addition of any text to a number plate’s reflective surface other than a supplier or dealer’s name and postcode and British Standard number is prohibited. PlatePlus’s additional badge or logo and message strip is completely off-plate and therefore legal. It does not interfere with number plate recognitions systems.

PlatePlus’s badge or logo provides you with a display space of 45mm x 102mm. It is made from acrylic and digitally printed in four-colour UV ink.

PlatePlus’s message strip provides you with a display area of 512mm x 20mm. It is made from recyclable black polypropylene plastic and digitally printed in four-colour UV ink.

You can have any graphics, fonts or colours you need. We would not though print anything of a profane or politically incorrect nature and reserve the right to refuse.

If you wish to supply us with artwork, we will provide you with correctly sized templates to use. Alternatively we can produce artwork for you.

PlatePlus supports a number plate measuring 465mm x 111mm. Yes, this isn’t as long as a regular 520mm x 110mm number plate, but the British Standard doesn’t specify plate dimensions, only the sizing and spacing of registration number characters. The smaller plate still meets these requirements.

Fixing PlatePlus to a car is really simple and is shown on our How to use PlatePlus page. We recommend attaching it to the bodywork either using the ten-point sticker kit provided or using pre-drilled holes.

Lead times depend on production volumes at any point in time. Needless to say, we’ll always aim to deliver the volumes you need in the shortest possible time frame.

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