The number plate holder showing support for a good cause

Your charity’s logo, a message and a license plate – all in one

Even during the most challenging of economic times, more than two-thirds of the UK’s population continues to donate to charity. With more than 166 thousand registered charities, the country remains one of the most generous and caring in the world.

Playing a vital role in our society, our charities depend though on the support and goodwill of people who believe in the causes they represent and the good work they do. In turn, supporters take pride in helping, whether it’s making financial donations or volunteering at fundraising events – they want to give something back.

For all kinds of UK charities, and their loyal supporters, the PlatePlus number plate holder provides then an ideal way of raising even more awareness of a good cause and demonstrating support in a very public way. On the road, all year round, wherever supporters travel. It helps spreads the word.

Providing a highly visible means of combining your charity’s logo, name and a message with a more compact license plate, PlatePlus offers a smarter and more permanent alternative to window stickers, and addresses all the space limitations of lipped number plates and conventional license plate holders.

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