The number plate holder for increasing dealership awareness

Car badge, dealer logo, marketing message and a license plate – all in one

With more than 60 car brands regarded as being popular in the UK, and with annual new car registrations in the UK typically numbering more than two million, the market for new cars here is to say the least a highly competitive one.

And with just under 5,000 franchised car dealerships in the country, each local dealership is constantly thinking of new ways to differentiate themselves and communicate with their target audience.  Profitability can depend on it.

That’s why PlatePlus number plate holders bring car dealerships a new weapon in the marketing communications armory, one that helps to raise both local and national awareness, ensuring dealerships have the recognition they duly deserve.

It provides a highly visible means of combining a car badge, dealer logo and contact details (or any other form of marketing communication) with a more compact license plate.  It’s a smarter and more permanent alternative to window and car body stickers, and addresses all the space limitations of standard and lipped number plates.

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