The number plate holder for raising awareness of disability

Logos, marketing message and a license plate – all in one

UK charities involved in helping people with disabilities stay mobile play a crucial role in our society. By providing affordable access to greater mobility they are helping thousands of disabled people maintain their freedom and independence.

As with any other charity, raising public awareness of the good work they do in the country is vital in increasing support and understanding. And on the road, there needs to be achieved a high level of empathy and respect for disabled drivers and passengers.

And this is where PlatePlus number plate holders can help. Able to integrate a blue disabled badge, a mobility charity logo and a highly visible message with a more compact license plate, it clearly informs other road users – about disability and the mobility that’s being provided.

Offering a smarter and more permanent alternative to window and car body badges, and addressing all the space limitations of lipped number plates and conventional license plate holders, it boldly carries the mobility message, wherever and whenever it travels.

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