The number plate holder for building brand awareness

Your logo, a strapline and a license plate – all in one

The market for car rental and leasing in the UK is estimated to be worth a staggering £15 billion. Involving around 5,000 different businesses in the country and employing almost 47,000 people, the industry is a highly competitive one.

Fuelled by forecast increases in both domestic and international tourism, and a switch to electric vehicles, the industry is only going to grow and get even more competitive. Whether it’s short-term rentals or long-term leases being offered, businesses will have to stand-out in a crowded market.

And that’s where PlatePlus number plate holders can help. Bringing together a company logo and a strapline (or any other form of marketing communication) with a more compact license plate, it’s a great way of boosting a company brand on the road.

A much smarter, more visible and more durable alternative to vehicle body and window stickers, PlatePlus number plate holders address all of the space limitations and weaknesses of standard and lipped number plates and conventional license plate holders.

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