PlatePlus number plate holder specifications

Our patented PlatePlus number plate holder system is designed here in the UK and complies with all government guidelines on displaying number plates

Importantly, it also meets with the requirements of the British Standards Institute’s BS AU 145e, the technical standard governing the production and display of number plates in the UK.

Details of individual PlatePlus components are show in the following table.

Component Dimensions l x w Material
Holder 530mm x 135mm Recyclable black polypropylene
Badge or logo * 45mm x 102mm Acrylic, laser cut. Digitally printed, four-colour UV ink
Message strip 512mm x 20mm Recyclable black polypropylene. Digitally printed, four-colour UV ink
Number plate ** 465mm x 111mm Acrylic

* Can be mounted on left or right side of number plate.

** We can supply a number plate. Alternatively, number plates can be sourced separately from a third party number plate supplier.

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